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Many many congratulations to all these deviants who got their wonderful works included in 'Deviations of the Week' by LiteratureDomain  The group selects top ten deviations per week from the group as deviations of the week. The top three deviants will be awarded with;
The winner:  :+devwatch: 10:+fav:  3 honest-comments
First runner-up: 8:+fav:  3 honest-comments  
Second runner-up: 5:+fav:   2 honest-comments
Please consider their works once. They deserve a lot of favorites and comments.

InvisibleShe’s invisible.
But she has yet to accept it, even as the sands of time begin to slip from her mind, into the palms of her hands where they continue to escape from her, lost to the ground below her, she can not accept it.
She’ll never accept it.
Nobody knows the girl with green eyes. Green eyes that reflected the Earth in two bright orbs, attempts to be hidden only failing as the girl watches her ‘friends’. Nobody knows the girl with raven black hair that her mother used to comb everyday while she sat by the window, watching the crow’s and ravens pause to look at her. Nobody knows the girl who saved her little brother from the gang that decided they wanted to play. Nobody knows.
Yet she still presses on, still wonders the street whether it’s day or night for she has no care for sleep. At first it scared her, confused her and she would walk up to passer-by’s and scream, never quite knowing how far away she was when she was so clos

Invisible by ~The-Feather-Quill

NineShuffling alone in an alley off some dark city street
With clothes that are dirty and no shoes for his feet
He digs in a dumpster hoping for something to eat
Shooing away rats hiding from the sweltering heat
A small grateful smile crosses his dirt-covered face
(How unbearably pathetic in this dark dreary place!)
He grabs moldy bread and sinks down in his space
Between rank wet boxes and a trash-covered embrace
After only one bite he tiredly drifts off to sleep
And even in soft slumber he does quietly weep
In this place where life is nothing but cheap
And any comfort comes at a cost way too steep
Small hands tremble weakly with his body’s decline
This boy who should be playing in the sweet sunshine
But life is not fair devouring without reason or rhyme
Even for a boy who has only just now turned nine

Nine by *InsanityAdjuster

Perception.Our existence is a mere perception.
We are nothing, and everything simultaneously.
We stroke our egos, to sustain our self containers.
We hope endlessly across the universe, subdued.
Call me crazy, but aren't we all waiting for something... Seeking truth?
My now, is eternal; my this second, is forever.
Our reality is interchangeable, our truth is negotiable.
© Rocio Belinda Mendez  

Perception. by *yours----truly

Guardian AngelsThere are always trials we must face
Whether stumbled upon or taken with grace
It seems that after one, there comes another
Until we must ask for the help of a brother
Guardian angels always stand near
Your cries something they readily hear
Never seeking acknowledgement or praise,
They carefully brighten your dark pathways
Emptiness is theirs to fill
Their embrace will warm the chill
Though you search for help, you cannot see
The guardian angels that know your plea
Someday we will see them clearly
The ones that loved us so sincerely
Enough to give without receiving
Even to the unbelieving

Guardian Angels by ~ErubescentFey

Paper Boats *TheChemistryofGrief

A Bird in the RainThe sky darkens quickly
As I feel drops of rain
Splash off my head.
I look around and
Scurry under the nearest cover.
I resolve to wait it out,
Not enjoying the idea of
Getting soaked to the bone.
Amidst the hustle and bustle
A small shadow takes my attention –
A sparrow, no bigger than my palm,
Flutters above the heads of the
Panicked pedestrians – calm, content.
It’s as if he wonders what the
Fuss is all about.
So I step out, I let the rain
Permeate my clothes as well as my
Mind, and I no longer
Belong to society –
I belong to the birds.

A Bird in the Rain by ~Eo-wyn

TricksterSoft rain pattered the roof, disrupting the peace while two brown eyes stared out the window with growing apprehension.  Jacob would be coming over after work, and he promised that he wouldn't be late this time, the liar.  They were supposed to be having movie night together since last week's plans had been horribly pushed back by her boyfriend deciding that he'd be better off by canceling, but he promised that he'd be here at exactly 8 o'clock this time. There had to be a viable reason for why he was two minutes late, right? It was raining, so traffic could have become extremely nasty out there.
Searching for her phone, Lauren backtracked to the coffee table, snatching it up with further irritation.  She proceeded to call Jacob, wanting to tell him off for not holding up to his end of the bargain like he had promised her. "Jacob, you better pick up or I swear-."
"What's up?"
"Don't you what's up me. Where the hell are you? You said that you would actually be here on tim

An Unexpected Revelation by *falconess22

The JourneyBeneath my skin, my veins pulse with desire
To know why I am here.
As I journey to find the answers to life,
I sail through the monotonous seas
That stretch forever beyond the horizon.
As my ship sails towards the dry land,
Mountains tower before me,
Filling me with both awe and intimidation.
But the mountains are eroding as time passes by,
Into merely fragments of what they once were.
I move my eyes and watch the glaciers
Melt slowly into rivers.
But even though they disappear,
They melt to provide water for all life on this planet.
You could say rivers are created by glaciers for a purpose.
I ponder those mountains and glaciers as the scenery
Changes to a monotonous desert.
Hot sand spreads around my feet,
And the heat drains away my energy.
I travel onward, searching for answers in the heavens above.
I look on as the starry sky stretches before me
Like a blanket concealing what lies beyond
The world as I know it.
The stars merely pins on a map
Beckon me to explore them.
But there is

The Journey by ~Manigran

Love and a Latte.When you work at a café, you meet a lot of people every day. Those who are busy, those who take it slow, those who just come for lunch, and those who takes everything to go. You learn to recognize them, and put faces, and sometimes names, with the orders. A black coffee for the man with the blue tie, a tea with four sugars for the tired mother with her two kids hanging on her coat, A tuna sandwich and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for the student who's always reading, and  cappuccino for the men in suits with their leather briefcases and fancy Italian shoes. Maria from the corner store always orders a pastrami sandwich for lunch, and Peter who works at a nearby office always orders a salad with noodles and cheese cubes. It becomes a closed little world where everyone knows everyone, even if they are strangers on the streets. I've worked here since High-school, and one should think I'd get tired of it, but fact is, I love it. I love to be recognized by the regulars, and to be
Love and a Latte. by ~Ridderkvinden

Theme 21- VacationTheme 21: Vacation
"I can't believe we're actually in India!" Eleanor kept repeating, her eyes bright with curiosity, as the plane touched down in New Delhi. As per usual, she had bagged the seat next to the window, with Florence in the middle and Torah on the aisle. Torah was asleep, but awoke abruptly when the plane landed. Florence spent most of the long flight reading, or also trying to sleep. Eleanor, who found it close to impossible to sleep against the thundering roar of the four engines of the Boeing 747, spent most of the flight wide awake doing codeword puzzles and listening to ex-Eurovision entries on her MP3 player.
Amit leaned in the gap between the seats. "You'd better believe it!" he grinned, eyes burning with excitement. Beside him was Ayşe, who though looked tired, still gave off a lively aura. Next to Ayşe was an unswervingly irritated, and impossibly tired, Yume Tsumuki, who had been kept awake for almost the entire ten-hour long flight by the hyperactive c

Theme 21- Vacationby ~ellymango
All the members of LiteratureDomain, you might obviously have heard of Goodreads :reading:  It is a majestic website for book lovers like us :library:  I too just created an account there. It's wonderful! :excited:  How nice it'd be if all the members in LiteratureDomain family are Goodreads friends of each other! So, lets do it!! You can expand you Goodreads family. Just make your Goodreads link visible by typing it in the comment box. Okay, keep reading, writing, and for sure, keep loving the group.
Here's my link:…
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